Project • Team On-Going Collaboration Cards, Templates and Digital Content

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The On-Going Collaboration Cards are designed to make it easy to continually evolve your Blueprint of We Collaboration Document. They come with a Blueprint of We Digital Template (Word or Google Docs) so you can effortlessly begin a document with any number of people.

After the document is written, the Collaboration Cards are used on a regular basis to help further custom design your work together, create an even richer Blueprint, and help you mindfully evolve the relationship.

Team • Project On-going Collaboration Card Deck with questions pertaining to each of the 5 Components to further evolve your Blueprint of We Collaboration Document.

Digital Content
• Blueprint of We Templates (Word or Google Docs)
• Introduction to the Blueprint of We and the 5 Components
• Step by Step Guide to Creating and Using Your Blueprint of We
• The Brain Science Behind the Blueprint of We

NOTE: Digital Materials are available immediately. Physical Card Decks take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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