Contract or Agreement: Blueprint of We—Laying the Foundation Tool; Single Use License

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A New Way of Contracting for the 21st Century

Relationship building.
Clarity creating.
Agreement setting.

Build your business on trust and connection. 

We've been brought up in a world where contracts are the means by which we legitimize our relationships—have you bought a house or car, started a business, a new job, or gotten married without one lately? Traditional legal contracts are often written from a place of mistrust, as a way to protect ourselves from other people and unforeseen circumstances.

But our faster-paced, more complex world will not sustain a collaborative culture if it's built on mistrust and leaves out the much needed connection and clarity between the people involved. 

Opportunities to collaborate are also becoming less traditional, requiring individuals and organizations to mindfully design new tools, structures and definitions for working together.

The Blueprint of We Collaboration Process is a brilliant tool used to create a contract or agreement that truly fits who you are and, collaboratively, what you intend to create. When we agree to build more trust at the start, learn up front what does and doesn’t work for one another, create an atmosphere that allows for adaptability, and pay attention to signs along the way, we tend to avoid difficulties and shorten transition periods. Oftentimes legal contracts solely address our situations, whereas Blueprints of We address the stories of the people, how they interact, their values as a lens through which to custom design the work, and the situation.

A Blueprint of We can easily contain the same types of specifications and agreed upon details that typical contracts cover, but it builds the people into the agreement and also acts as your best third party mediator when stress rises and our Safety Brains are engaged. (Read the Neuroscience of Collaboration and the Blueprint of We for more.) Many people paste traditional legal verbiage directly into the Custom Design Component of their Blueprint, but it is further enhanced by the addition of their individual and group values used as a lens through which they create strategy and action. This makes it far more likely they will take their responsibilities to heart.

Whether the document is between 2 or 20,000+ people, it is an opportunity to custom design the container for the relationship, versus trying to fit into predetermined definitions that may or may not fit the people and the work involved. The Blueprint of We has become the new business and personal relationship foundation of choice in 100+ countries around the world. 

The Blueprint of We Collaboration Process is an internationally applied concept currently used within corporations, government sectors, NGOs, small businesses, communities, universities, non-profits, families, couples, schools, etc. It takes into consideration each individual involved in the relationship, their personal preferences, their expectations, as well as the nature of the relationship; be it between colleagues, employee and manager, partners, landlord and tenant, client and supplier, husband and wife, or any other relationship situation that exists. 

In 20 minutes two or more people can get started with the 1.0 version of your co-created Blueprint of We. Over time, everyone adds to the document as you custom design and evolve the relationship and the work at hand. 

The Contract•Agreement Laying the Foundation tool makes it easy to create a foundation to continually have the conversations that matter. 

Single Use License Digital Materials Include:

1. Introduction and Overview to propose the concept to others
2. Printable PDF version of Laying the Foundation Template
3. Digital versions of Laying the Foundation Template
4. Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating, Clarifying and Using Your Blueprint
5. How to have a powerful Clarifying Conversation
6. The Neuroscience of Collaboration


Single Use License Definition

When you use the Laying the Foundation Tool to create a Blueprint of We Collaboration Document, you will be sharing these materials with others to create a single Blueprint of We. Any number of people can be part of that document, or can be added along the way. When you go on to create Blueprints in new situations or with new people, you will need to purchase additional Single Use Licenses for each Blueprint you create. (You can purchase Multiple Use Licenses at a discount. Contact us at

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