Blueprint of We Facilitator Certification 2.5-DAY IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL INTENSIVE - Foundation Level 1

$ 4,400.00

Dive in now to begin and join a group class later!

Become a Blueprint of We Certified Facilitator

Foundation Level ~ Certified Facilitators
Certified Facilitators are able to facilitate Blueprint of We Collaboration Document Creation & Use Workshops in person and/or online working with individuals, groups or entire organizations.

The 2 Part In-Person Intensive/Virtual Option is taught by Blueprint of We creators, Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson at their retreat home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA.

This training option allows you to get the majority of your training on your schedule, with the completion occurring during the next available virtual group class offering.

Part 1: It is a 2.5-day experiential learning environment tailored to your needs. During and after completing the 2.5 days, you will be creating 5 different Blueprints of Me/We to deepen your experience. You will also be facilitating others in their Blueprint creations and presenting the concept to a group of your choice.

The dates are chosen between yourself and Maureen and Zelle. This option makes it easy to get trained around your schedule.

Part 2: Join an upcoming virtual group class which takes place over 8 weeks; one class per week. These are scheduled yearly, so the amount of time between your in-person and virtual portions will depend on the timing.

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The Center Collaborative Awareness is committed to spreading the Blueprint of We concept throughout the world. Our vision of creating healthier, more resilient and collaborative communities begins with individuals and organizations building strong relationship foundations.

Certified Blueprint of We Facilitators and Trainers play an integral role in this vision. If you are passionate about creating healthier, more resilient and collaborative communities, consider becoming a Certified Facilitator and Trainer.




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