Couple in Transition: Blueprint of We—Laying the Foundation Tool; Single Use License

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Create the 1.0 version of a Blueprint of We to more smoothly transition out of your relationship as a couple.

In 20 minutes you can get started with the 1.0 version of your co-created Blueprint. Over time, each person adds to the document as you transition and evolve the relationship into something new that works for both of you. Build the foundation to continually have the conversations that matter and open the door to find the best way forward.

The Laying the Foundation Tool is a fast way to get started and continue updating and using your Blueprint of We. The Couple in Transition version is a great way to manage the changing landscape of a relationship with less stress and helps you design what you want to experience, apart and together. It enables you to mindfully design the new way of relating to one another rather than falling into old relationship patterns, or recreating the ones we grew up with.

The Couple in Transition Laying the Foundation Tool makes it easy to transition out of your current or past relationship container and begin to custom design a new way to be in relationship that could look like anything from "Let's send a Christmas card once a year" to "Let's remain a family to co-parent our kids, but not be in an intimate relationship anymore." 

Single Use License Digital Materials Include:

1. Introduction and Overview to propose the concept to others
2. Printable PDF version of Laying the Foundation Template
3. Digital versions of Laying the Foundation Template
4. Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating, Clarifying and Using Your Blueprint
5. How to have a powerful Clarifying Conversation 
6. The Neuroscience of Collaboration


Single Use License Definition:
When you use the Laying the Foundation Tool to create a Blueprint of We Collaboration Document, you will be sharing these materials with your partner to create a single Blueprint of We. When you go on to create Blueprints in new situations or with new people, you will need to purchase additional Single Use Licenses for each Blueprint you create. (You can purchase Multiple Use Licenses at a discount on our Blueprint of We store.)

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