Housemates: Blueprint of We—Laying the Foundation Tool

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Build Clarity & Connection You're drawn to share a home. Enhance your connection and understanding of each other to create a foundation from which to thrive.

Often when people come into a new living situation they cross their fingers and hope the great feelings of anticipation and possibility will grow. Why not reinforce and build trust from the beginning so you have the conversations that matter?

People coming together to share a home have so many elements they will need to build clarity around to make their home lives rewarding. Write about why you are drawn to the situation. Determine how each person prefers to interact, each person's core values, and even who does the dishes. It's necessary to have clear conversations about the things that are important to every human being; money, time, love, privacy, community, home to custom design the living situation that works for everyone involved.

By writing down how you want to interact and having a Clarifying Conversation to discuss what's important you'll mindfully create the relationships that will underscore connected living.

Build Collaborative Awareness
In every relationship there are at least 3 Entities: You, Me and We. 
Optimal collaboration continually occurs when the knowledge and awareness of the We Entity, and how it is custom designed and developed, is simultaneously taken into consideration at the same level as each individual.

There is no one-size-fits-all because every We Entity is made up of different individuals, circumstances and timing. This is why a continuous and nearly instant feedback loop is critical to the on-going health of the collaboration.

Mindfully building and employing the neural networks that have evolved to keep us connected, takes us from groups of people working or living together, to a Collaboratively Aware We Entity that thrives and adapts in any given situation. 

Collaborative Awareness is vital to custom designing the kind of living situation that takes all entities into consideration for optimal health.

In 20 minutes two or more people can get started with the 1.0 version of your co-created Blueprint of We. Over time, everyone adds to the document as you custom design and evolve the relationship through the joys and responsibilities of sharing a home. 

The Housemates: Blueprint of We Laying the Foundation tool makes it easy to create a foundation to continually have the conversations that matter. 

Single Use License Digital Materials Include:

1. Introduction and Overview to propose the concept to others
2. Printable PDF version of Laying the Foundation Template
3. Digital versions of Laying the Foundation Template
4. Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating, Clarifying and Using Your Blueprint
5. How to have a powerful Clarifying Conversation 
6. The Neuroscience of Collaboration


Single Use License Definition

When you use the Laying the Foundation Tool to create a Blueprint of We Collaboration Document, you will be sharing these materials with others to create a single Blueprint of We. Any number of people can be part of that document, or can be added along the way. When you go on to create Blueprints in new situations or with new people, you will need to purchase additional Single Use Licenses for each Blueprint you create. (You can purchase Multiple Use Licenses at a discount. Contact us at

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