Collaborative Interview: Blueprint of We—Laying the Foundation Tool

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Uncovering Great Collaboration: a Blueprint of We Collaborative Interview Tool

• Exchanging the knowledge of who we are and how we work •

A good interview is built on a rich conversation where we learn more about one another and explore the possibility of an on-going collaboration that would benefit all parties. Engaging in the Blueprint process between yourself (or your organization) and the candidates you're interviewing allows you to get to the heart of why each person is interested in the opportunity and creates the necessary conditions for great collaboration going forward.

You will use the 5 Components of the Blueprint of We as a framework upon which to have a more powerful and engaging interview process. And of course you can infuse it with all the interview topics that might typically come up in the hiring process.


Single Use License Digital Materials Include:

1. Introduction and Overview to propose the concept to others
2. Printable PDF version of Laying the Foundation Template
3. Digital versions of Laying the Foundation Template
4. Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating, Clarifying and Using Your Blueprint
5. How to have a powerful Clarifying Conversation 
6. The Neuroscience of Collaboration


Single Use License Definition for Collaborative Interview Blueprint of We Tool:
This Single Use License can be used with multiple candidates applying for the same position. To use the Collaborative Interview Tool for other positions you’re hiring for, you will need to purchase the Single Use License each time. You can either add the number you need in the Quantity Dropdown Menu or receive quantity discounts by purchasing Multiple Use Licenses at a discount at our Blueprint of We online store. (


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