Blueprint of We Get Started Package for Entrepreneurs: In-Person or Virtual Facilitation

$ 1,146.00 $ 1,400.00

Great for entrepreneurs and small teams wanting to write their 1.0 Blueprint of We Collaboration Document and build a culture of Collaborative Awareness. Learn how to custom design your work together and evolve your Blueprint, as the people and the work evolve.


  • 2 Virtual Meetings (Live) with a Blueprint of We Certified Facilitator

• Meeting 1: Blueprint of We Collaboration Experience Introduction
• Meeting 2: Facilitating the Clarifying Conversation to help you create a more robust collaboration and collaboration document

  • Templates to get you started writing your Collaboration Document

  • 1 On-Going Collaboration Card Deck Can be used at meetings to add more clarity to your document (These are sent via snail mail.)

  • Free Materials to help you build and grow your Blueprint of We


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