Me and My Mind: Blueprint of Me—Laying the Foundation Tool

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How can I be more mindful of where my life is going? • What's most important to me?
How do I want to interact with others? • How will I use stress to gain more clarity? 

The Laying the Foundation tool that helps you create your 1.0 Blueprint of Me. 
The Blueprint of Me is a dynamic process for custom designing who you are and what you want from life.

You have many relationships in your life, some more important to you than others. You put effort and energy into building and maintaining them, yet the relationship you may tend to least is the one with yourself.

The Blueprint of Me is a written trust between two or more entities. In the case of creating a document with yourself, it encompasses the relationship between you and that voice in your head that we call “the Chatterbox.” It is the one that can inspire you to be the best version of yourself or pull you off center running stressful stories on autopilot.

Creating a Blueprint of Me with yourself deepens your understanding of who you are and how you operate as an individual. It gives you the strength and the tools for self management and growth. It ensures that you tend to yourself, so that you thrive in the world and are able to sustain yourself and others around you.

One of the keys to establishing effortless relationships with others is to foster a healthy relationship with yourself. There will always be days when the chatterbox in your head spirals you down, but what if you could reduce the days in the downward spiral to minutes? What if joy were on auto-pilot? 

You’re creating a Blueprint for the life and work you are consciously choosing:

  • A vision of your most connected self and what you can do to sustain it 

  • A description of how you want to interact with yourself and others

  • The indicators of when you may be heading for a bad day, and the tools to return to a peaceful, productive, energized self

  • A reminder of what you need to get you out of the spiral on your worst days, or just when things are starting to slip

  • A place to capture your goals and values that you will use as a lens to make decisions and take action

  • A list of questions and reminders to get you out of those bad day slumps

You will find, as you begin to pay attention to what you need, that your bad days become infrequent, and eventually they just become bad moments, little blips on the screen rather than all out stress and tension. You become more engaged in life, more present, than you've ever experienced before.

There is a process of growth which occurs in collaborative environments when each individual commits to the practice of creating and updating their Blueprint of Me. By creating a conversation between your “higher” emotionally intelligent self — which knows what you need to be productive and happy — and your voice of fear — which is trying to satisfy your perceived needs — you no longer find yourself a victim of life. You start consciously choosing the life you want to lead and the path to effortless, joyful experiences becomes well worn.

As you build patterns and practices of connecting to your higher self when the voice of fear arises, real growth occurs. The more personal the document, the deeper your relationship with yourself, the greater opportunity for growth. You are truly creating new neural pathways that lead you down a more peaceful path.

Single Use License Digital Materials Include:
1. Introduction and Overview to better understand the process
2. Printable PDF version of Laying the Foundation Template
3. Digital versions of Laying the Foundation Template
4. Sample Blueprint of Me
5. The Neuroscience of Collaboration

Single Use License Definition:

This license is for one person’s Blueprint of Me. Please share your excitement for creating your Blueprint of Me with others, and let them know they can purchase their own template and materials at our Blueprint of We store. (You can purchase Multiple Use Licenses at a discount. Contact us at


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