Me & My Health: Blueprint of We—Laying the Foundation Tool; Single Use License

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Create a a powerful collaboration between you and your health

Creating a positive relationship between you and your health – no matter what state your health is in – is one of the most important areas to focus on in your life. Make the relationship you have with your health effortless.

Creating a Blueprint of We for the relationship between you and your health gives you the opportunity to strengthen your Connected Brain neural pathways and create new ways of relating to what goes on in your body and your mind. 

You begin by creating your 1.0 Blueprint of We. This is where you lay the groundwork for change. 

After you create your 1.0 Blueprint of We you can use it to build awareness of your actions and your frame of mind a little each day. Like any regular small practice, the effects will accumulate before you know it. What we give attention to grows. Your Me & My Health Blueprint of We focuses you on the things that are going well and the mindset and actions that move you through stress.

Single Use License Digital Materials Include:

1. Introduction and Overview of the Blueprint of We concept
2. Printable PDF version of Laying the Foundation Template
3. Digital versions of Laying the Foundation Template
4. The Neuroscience of Collaboration: Safety Brain and Connected Brain


Single Use License Definition

This license is for one person’s Me & My Health Blueprint of We. Please share your excitement for creating your Me & My Health Blueprint with others, and let them know they can purchase their own template and materials at our Blueprint of We store. When you go on to create Blueprints in new situations or with other people, you will need to purchase additional Single Use Licenses for each Blueprint you create. (You can purchase Multiple Use Licenses at a discount. Contact us at

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