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Our brains have two main functions that have emerged through millions of years of evolution ~ to connect us for growth, and to keep us safe. We call these two modes the Connected Brain and the Safety Brain. The development of our society has made the Safety Brain our first and main mode of interaction with the world. In keeping the Connected Brain as a secondary mode, we restrict our creativity, productivity, and enjoyment.

It's time to learn how to quiet the Safety Brain, and use it only when necessary, so that our Connected Brain becomes our primary mode of interaction. 

The Safety Brain

The Safety Brain has one job, no matter what it takes, to KEEP US SAFE. Typically, this is the first lens we use to see and interpret the world around us. It functions like an enormous filing cabinet. It is constantly comparing and analyzing what’s happening around us to everything we know from the past to determine if any experience threatens our safety. It then takes that information and projects it into the future.

For instance, someone says something to me and my brain takes it in and accesses my past filing cabinet, instantly pulling out every occurrence of that tone of voice, words, nonverbal cues, etc. These occurrences could relate to the person talking, my own personal history, or even from a movie, book, or any other situation imaginable. If the early warning system part of my brain deems that what he said was benign, or maybe even kind, I can immediately drop those files and...

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