FREE: Visual Introduction to the Blueprint of Me & My Mind and the 5 Components

FREE: Visual Introduction to the Blueprint of Me & My Mind and the 5 Components

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Your Mind is the Navigator of Your Life
Create a healthy relationship between you and your mind.

Our brain operates in two basic modes: Safety Brain and Connected Brain. One engages stress, the other ease. Creating a Blueprint of Me helps you place joy on auto-pilot and use stress for greater clarity—enabling healthier daily life, relationships and work experiences.

  • Wires your brain for clarity and connection 
  • Creates a self-written guide to grow awareness, reduce stress, and move into effortless, healthy action 
  • Used worldwide in both business and personal settings in many languages and cultures

What Is It?

You have a roommate that lives with you 24/7, and it’s called the Chatterbox in Your Head. It is the voice in your head that can run stressful thoughts on autopilot, or can inspire you to do great things. This is the most important relationship you have. It is the foundation for all your other relationships. When it’s going well, it feeds everything else in your life. 

The Blueprint of Me Collaboration Process, created by The Center for Collaborative Awareness, is a collaboration process that begins with a document, written by you, that helps you create and maintain a healthy, mindful relationship with yourself. It is a simple, elegant process that holds complex people and situations.

5 Components of a Collaboration Document

  1. The Story of Me 
    A snapshot of your best qualities, skills and attributes.
  2. Interaction Styles & Stress Messages
    A picture of how you operate in the world. How you live/work best, what you look like on a good day/bad day, and what you might need that you can’t access when you are in unhealthily stress.
  3. Custom Design 
    Custom design your relationship with yourself. Goals, intentions, and agreements you aim to keep.
  4. Questions for Peace & Possibility 
    A tool to make your return to peace easier when the need arises or turn up the volume on what is going well.
  5. Short & Long-Term Timeframes 
    How long are you willing to go before moving from stress to connected actions laid out in your Blueprint of Me? A willingness to keep an open window if the unimaginable happens.