Collaboration Coaching

Collaboration Coaching

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Relationships can get in our way. We teach you how relationships propel us forward — Engage a Thinking Partner.

When there are no clear ground rules, overseers of cultural norms, or a definitive chain of command— when the legacy structures are not delivering what we want or how we want it — how do we do this fast-paced dance without stepping on each other’s toes? 

From our work with Fortune 100 companies to start-up teams; to couples, families and communities, we’ve pioneered and seen the impacts of our collaborative tools, like the Blueprint of We, the Curiosity Chain and the Collaborative Desire-Invention Model, in action.

  • dream up new approaches to grow collaboration in your meetings and programs
  • clarify your goals and determine the collaborative tools that fit your specific needs
  • engage in insightful design conversations where you get the most out of our tools, allowing you to deepen your experience

      You Will Receive:

      • Certified Collaboration Coaching Session (phone, Skype or Zoom)
        • Preliminary meeting to assess needs (15 minutes free)
        • 90, 120, or 180 minute session
        • Scheduling contact information included with purchase
        We want you to experience exhilaration, passion, and connection in your relationships at work and at home. To do that, we need to create new foundations built on trust and learn from the rough spots. As a society, crossing our fingers at the beginning (or in the middle) of a project or relationship and hoping it will meet our expectations, is no longer good enough. The best way to learn how to collaborate in this fast-paced world is to bring in a Collaboration Coach as you create and use the Blueprint of We or Blueprint of Me Collaboration Process, or utilize one of our neuroscience-based tools and exercises. 

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        Design and build a better relationship with a Collaboration Coach as your guide

        Self aware individuals can greatly impact a relationship, but the ultimate health of a group depends on building the skills and capacities for Collaborative Awareness; who are we together.

        Our Certified Collaboration Coaches help you custom design who you are and how you will be together, and teach you to use your relationship stress for greater clarity, trust and connection.

        Your Certified Collaboration Coaching Session Includes:
        • Preliminary meeting (first 15 minutes free)
        • 90, 120, or 180 minute session
        • Scheduling contact information is included with purchase

        Purchase a 90, 120, or 180 minute Collaboration Coaching session that will take place by phone, Skype or Zoom. Prior to scheduling your session we’ll talk on the phone (15 minutes free) to help you determine the best use of your Collaboration Coaching session. Next we'll schedule a time for your session where everyone involved can take part.

        Experts in Collaboration help you to:

        • access where you are on your journey and determine which tools best suit you and which to apply first
        • learn great ways to get others on board
        • use the Noise in the System neuroscience tools for less stress and more trust 
        • gain insights into how to get the most from the Blueprint of We Collaboration Process
        • facilitate your Blueprint of We Clarifying Conversation, where collaboration get’s real and fun!
        • know how to use the tools as a long-term practice after your Collaboration Coaching session

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        The Blueprint of We Collaboration Document & Process

        The Blueprint of We is a design document for people who want to get things done. The simple structure harnesses the innate social nature of humans and builds the skills and capacity to deliver on your goals.

        • It is currently used in many languages and cultures in 100+ countries worldwide—from entrepreneurial start-ups to non-profit organizations to global corporations, from couples to families, from individuals to communities to any relationship situation that exists. 
        • The Blueprint is at once intimate and scalable to thousands. 
        • It creates a space to be vulnerable and is being used to replace or enhance legal contracts.

        Two Blueprint of We Elements

        1. The co-written design document gives people the space to exchange information about who they are and how they work best. 

        • When we have information straight from the source, rather than making assumptions about what other people’s behavior means, our brains engage the neural networks that build trust and lower anxiety. 
        • Your Blueprint is a living, breathing document that evolves and changes over time as your group evolves and changes.
        • Combine this with team and company strategy or personal and community desires, and you have both people and process in alignment. This is the written foundation for clarity and ideation.

        2. The collaboration process builds on your written design document and introduces tools to develop collaborative leadership behaviors, calming messy minds and improving on what is already working.  

        • Through a method we refer to as Noise in the System, you learn to clarify and communicate your awareness of what matters, how you operate collectively, and how those behaviors become cultural patterns. 
        • From that awareness, we give you simple, daily tools to help you question, and ultimately change, the pattern thinking that causes anxiety and stress. Stress, when used as a messenger, can give you clarity of direction, ease of decision-making, and resiliency in the storm.
        • The iterative design process offers an on-going learning cycle about self and others in relation to how you get work done together. 

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        The 5 Components of a Collaboration Document

        1. The Story of Us
        What draws you to these people and this situation.

        2. Interaction Styles & Warning Signs
        Who you are. How you work best.

        3. Custom Design
        Determine what matters most. Mindfully design what, when, why and how.

        4. Questions for Peace & Possibility
        Capture creative and compassionate you ahead of time.

        5. Short & Long-term Timeframes
        Coming back to center and building your document.