Contract or Agreement: Blueprint of We Template & Collaborative Awareness Coaching

Contract or Agreement: Blueprint of We Template & Collaborative Awareness Coaching

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Engage a new way of contracting.

  • Build relationship
  • Create clarity
  • Set agreements

The Blueprint of We stands up in a court of law while adding the people back into the process of creating agreements. Create a contract or agreement that truly fits who you are and, collaboratively, what you intend to create. When we agree to build more trust at the start, learn up front what does and doesn’t work for one another, create an atmosphere that allows for adaptability, and pay attention to signs along the way, we tend to avoid difficulties and shorten transition periods. 

You Will Receive:

  • Certified Collaborative Awareness Coaching Session (phone, Skype or Zoom)
    • Preliminary meeting to assess needs (15 minutes free)
    • 90, 120, or 180 minute session
    • Scheduling contact information included with purchase

  • Template & Digital Materials: Single Use License
    • Blueprint of We Template: View Only Google Doc to duplicate and make your own; Microsoft Word downloadable
    • Supporting PDF Materials
      1. Introduction and Overview
      2. Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating, Clarifying and Using Your Blueprint
      3. eBook: The Collaborative Brain toolkit

Our faster-paced, more complex world will not sustain a collaborative culture if it's built on mistrust and leaves out the much needed connection and clarity between the people involved. 

Oftentimes legal contracts solely address our situations, whereas Blueprints of We address the stories of the people, how they interact, their values as a lens through which to custom design the work, and the specific details of an agreement. The attention to the whole picture makes for more effective agreements. 
Opportunities to collaborate are also becoming less traditional, requiring individuals and organizations to mindfully design new tools, structures and definitions for working together.

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Design and build a better relationship with a Collaboration Coach as your guide

Self aware individuals can greatly impact a relationship, but the ultimate health of a group depends on building the skills and capacities for Collaborative Awareness: the awareness and design of who are we together.

Our Certified Collaboration Coaches facilitate the Blueprint of We design process while teaching you to use your relationship stress for greater clarity, trust and connection.

Experts in Collaboration help you to:

  • access where you are on your journey and determine which tools best suit you and which to apply first
  • learn great ways to get others on board
  • use the Noise in the System neuroscience tools for less stress and more trust 
  • gain insights into how to get the most from the Blueprint of We Collaboration Process
  • facilitate your Blueprint of We Clarifying Conversation, where collaboration get’s real and fun!
  • know how to use the tools as a long-term practice after your Collaboration Coaching session

Learn more about the Blueprint of We

In no time at all you can get started with the 1.0 version of your co-created Blueprint. Over time, each person adds to the document as you transition and evolve the relationship into something new that works for you. Build the foundation to continually have the conversations that matter and open the door to creating the relationship you desire.

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    Product Specifications

    Blueprint of We Template includes a digital version and a printable PDF version. The template is comprised of questions within each of the 5 Components that make up the structure of a Collaboration Document.

    Use the supporting PDF documents to assist you in introducing and utilizing the Blueprint of We.

    Single Use License Definition
    When you use the Blueprint of We Collaboration Document Template, you will be sharing these materials with others to create a single Blueprint of We. When you go on to create Blueprints in new situations or with new people, you will need to purchase additional Single Use Licenses for each Blueprint you create. 
    To purchase additional licenses increase the quantity to the number of licenses you need.