FREE: The Collaborative Desire—Invention Model Overview

FREE: The Collaborative Desire—Invention Model Overview

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Collaborative relationships. Mindful design.
Wire your brain for trust and clarity 

Problem—Solution Is Our Default Mode

Our world was built using the Problem-Solution Model, which encourages the brain to focus on problems. Yet our current, more complex landscape requires us to reevaluate using it as the default mode. Collaboration requires a new model to collectively engage our creative energy: The Desire-Invention Model. It enables groups to rewire their brains to harness group stress, rather than avoid it, and use it to accelerate purpose and progress.

Our Minds Determine the World We Collaboratively Create

People are messy. And when we collaborate, our messy minds interact with other messy minds. Designing healthy interactions begins by creating healthy minds, which is crucial to the success of you and your organization and its external impact. Otherwise, even when things are going well, the day-to-day experience of work will innocently fall into patterns of stress and anxiety. 

Our brains are the control centers of our lives. They determine our action and reaction to everything; from how other people behave to the thoughts that keep us up at night. Multiply that by the number of people you work with, and you uncover the complexity of collaboration.

Relationships Benefit from Great Design

In a world where traditional roles and rules are either no longer applicable or don't fit the people involved, it is crucial to custom design the relationships, processes and strategies to fit the specific people and circumstances.

Rather than trying to squeeze into cultural norms, or mindlessly running autopilot habit loops of how it's always been done, we give you the tools to custom design your collaboration to increase adaptability, engagement, profitability, and trust.

A great piece of furniture, beautiful product packaging, the simple elegance of a smartphone app. They all benefit from great design. Our collaborative relationships are no different.