FREE eBOOK: The Collaborative Desire—Invention Model Overview
FREE eBOOK: The Collaborative Desire—Invention Model Overview

FREE eBOOK: The Collaborative Desire—Invention Model Overview

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Desire-Invention Thinking: beyond problems and solutions

Every day you wake up as the creator of your life, irrespective of anything that happened yesterday, whether it was good or bad or right or wrong. As the creator, there’s a landscape in front of you. 

You could approach the day, the people you interact with, from the perspective of looking at where the problems lie, or you could take stock of the landscape—which could even look like World War III—and determine what it is you desire. It is the quickest way to creating a more life-giving landscape going forward.

Collaboration Requires a New Model

Our world was built using Problem-Solution Thinking, which encourages the brain to focus on problems. Yet our current, more complex landscape requires us to reevaluate using it as our default mode. Collaboration requires a new model to collectively engage our creative energy: The Desire-Invention Model. It enables groups to rewire their brains to harness group stress, rather than avoid it, and use it to accelerate purpose and progress.​

  • When defining the problem includes people rather than logical processes, like fixing your car, our brains become messy; one-third to one-half of the brain shuts down as we focus on protecting ourselves from others judgment.
  • Problem-Solution is a necessary and useful model that comes with the added dopamine hit of certainty that we get when we find the solution. It’s incredibly seductive, so why not use it everywhere?
  • To become more resilient, we must collectively invent and build what we desire, and feeling safe and connected is required in order to authentically engage our whole brain. The Desire-Invention Model draws on our full hearts and minds, which in turn invites others to meet us there.